Five Jobs For Math Lovers

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Do you love working with numbers, manipulating data and seeking elegant solutions to some of the world’s most challenging problems? While many people profess a hatred of math, the fact is that math skills are in great demand in today’s data-driven society. Read on to learn five amazing jobs for math fans.

1. Teachers

The old expression, “Those who can, do. Those who can’t, teach,” is anything but accurate when it comes to the field of math. From elementary school through college, mathematics lays the foundation for a number of professional and life skills. If you have a profound enthusiasm for math, there’s no better way to make an impact in the world than by sharing your passion with the next generation of innovators.

2. Economists

The contemporary global economy differs significantly from 50, 20 or even 10 years ago.  Economists are not only well-paid, but have the potential to influence business and government through the analysis of data related to resources, supply and demand and past, present and future trends. People who enjoy both independent and collaborative work may thrive in this sought after field.

3. Stockbrokers

If you love money as much as you love math, this just might be the perfect job for you. Stockbrokers lead a fast-paced life in the high octane world of finance. They manage clients’ financial portfolios while making recommendations for stocks to buy and sell. While the payoffs can be huge, this can also be a stressful line of work so is best suited to people who thrive in intense environments and don’t mind a large degree of risk. Late sleepers need not apply: much of the action in the financial markets happens before the start of the traditional 9 a.m. workday.

4. CNC Machinists

This increasingly popular career uses Computer Numerical Control (CNC) to machine metal and plastic products with the aid of a computer. CNC machinists must be good with their hands and have a working knowledge of a diversity of materials. Math skills come in handy due to the many measurements required in achieving best results. If you’re interested in pursuing this in-demand career, you can discover more on a CNC machine operator training course offers the knowledge and hands-on experience you need to score a coveted job with a manufacturer.

5. Meteorologists

While meteorologists get occasional slack for misguided weather forecasts, the fact is that their predictions are based heavily in science and math. The principles of both math and physics significantly influence the technologies involved in meteorology, while mathematical variables are used to determine how factors like the interactions of humidity, pressure and wind speed affect weather prediction.

As technology continues to advance, so does society’s need for people to make sense of the tremendous flow of available data. These five careers are just a small sampling of the ways math enthusiasts can make a living while doing what they love best.

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